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Things I have found interesting lately- in a magazine format:
... a successful design delivers a message to the viewer that words alone can't. Design is capable of evoking atmosphere and emotion, creating a tone, and soliciting a response from the viewer.
Dave Shea
Molly E. Holzschlag
The Zen of CSS design

What if our lesson plans didn't say what the teacher would be doing, but what the students would be doing?

Carey Pohanka
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I walked into your classroom...

I walked into your classroom, not really aware that it was your classroom.
In fact no one even alerted me to the idea that it was a classroom, it felt
that familiar, yet intriguing.

The first thing I noticed was a friendly smile. As I looked for patterns, my eyes were drawn by color and form. I sensed that there was a delicate balance between order and creativity, between consistency and newness. I was surprised at how
human this place felt.

In this learning environment, my curiosity was stimulated, my drive for excellence and elegance stimulated. Because you had gone before, my voice and thoughts were amplified, my audience expanded. The tools you loaned me were sharp and lubricated. I had more than I knew, and knew more because the team you led empowered me to go further.

But the tools weren’t the focus, they became an extension of my reach for more and deeper. The extent of my vision was increased and my tent pegs were moved yet further out to include others. And that is the point… others. It was not about you, and after I took hold, it was not even about me… it was about us and enabling them.

Us and them – them to multiply us. Them to capture a new perspective. And the tools gave us all a voice and increase; shrinking away in the process, the tools disappeared for the purpose of the message.

Thank-you, Steven P. Jobs.
May your legacy be many others who do as you have done. You changed things for the better.
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