Ed Tech Thoughts on the Space Coast

Nothing is better
than seeing the lights go on!

My last few lessons with my Computer Applications class have been so fun.

When you see those faces light up or hear the excited gasps or "COOL!" from the students it gladdens the heart of a teacher. There are few things in life are more gratifying than sharing the power of good software and effective skills with students and peers. In my mind's eye, it is like watching a rose blossom bloom in hyperspeed. I find myself wanting to pause indefinitely to enjoy the fragrance of that rose.

What were they learning? How to create a webpage with a table of over 100 different background colors last week. How to use Fireworks to create original graphics this week. Technology is a tool that can empower creative energies within. It is like freeing the captive spirit... opening the mundane jail of the soul detained.
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