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Finally Back

It has been a struggle to take time out to write anything meaningful in this blog. I have got to get beyond the idea that it has to be revolutionary to be expressed.

Been marking off the "First I Gottas" before installing Leopard (Mac OS 10):
  • Upgrade memory on my MacBook Pro: 4 GB
  • Purchase a Terrabyte Firewire 800 Drive for running Time Machine (see below)
  • Clone my harddrive to an external firewire drive.
  • Upgrade harddrive in my MacBook Pro: 250 GB
  • Install the latest flavor of OS X - Leopard.
  • Migrate the my old user folder and extra applications.
  • Keep my old (smaller) MacBook Pro drive in a portable USB drive with my "new laptop" so I can recover any missing serial numbers, etc. Gasp
Very pleased so far. Struggled a bit with completing the first complete Time Machine backup. It "stopped" in the middle of a few efforts and a few times I had to disconnect it to go someplace.
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