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Another Fundraiser...

Yea! It is that time of year again - the annual Stone Middle School Technology Fundraiser! I am so excited... Winking NOT!

It takes a tremendous amount of time to plan, set up, manage and close down a school fundraiser... and this all takes away from time I could/should be spending running the technology that I have. But that is the problem with having a vision and a passion for learning - you realize that there is always more that you could be doing and equipping your colleagues to do.

We get a very limited amount of money each year for upgrading or buying new equipment or technology. I have estimated that we would be cycling our teacher computers every 10 years with out fundraisers, grants or special programs. Can you imagine working on a 10 year old computer?!!! And that is for our staff computers- we are even less adequately funded for student-use technology.
So with some angst, I willingly do several things to try and scrape together a little slush fund for upgrading OS's, software packages, and buying RAM and small items like digital cameras and printers. Collecting used cell phones, toner and ink cartridges helps out a lot. But our big push is November of each year...

Each year Stone sells Chick Fil A Calendars for their annual technology fundraiser. I hope that you will consider purchasing at least one and maybe help us sell a few to your friends, relatives or co-workers. They cost only $5 and $3 of that will go to the school if we sell 1000 of them! Each calendar has a coupon each month for free beverages or food at over 1215 Chick Fil A restaurants throughout the eastern US.
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