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Ed Tech Thoughts on the Space Coast

Final Observations on the Survey

My previous blog entry looked at the overall results of a survey I conducted the last week of December based on a Google Doc’s Survey (survey now closed).
It was a simple survey that was really only asking two questions:
  1. What percentage of the teachers at your institution could be considered technology literate in personal practice?
  2. What percentage of the teachers at your institution use lesson plans that provide students with activities that incorporate 21st century technology?

This blog entry were also seven demographic types of questions, so that the responses to the two questions could be desegregated into subgroups. I will be real up front– I was both surprised and disappointed that the delta between the 1:1 schools and non-1:1 schools responses was not greater. On a scale of 1-10 Teacher Personal Use was only 1.16 points higher and Integration into Student Activities was only less than one point greater.

One would think that the ubiquitous access to computers would dictate a much more comprehensive, global use both in Personal, but especially in Student Activities!

These results are disappointing on several fronts. As referenced in my previous reflection on this survey, maybe the respondents to the survey needed more refined ways of qualifying instructional integration. It is clear there is room for more research (larger samples and better quality survey).
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